Customer Journeys

I believe that the Customer Journey is one of the most important elements of UX Design.

It is the mechanism through which all the Planning, Strategy and Research is applied to a project. It gives meaning and context to all our research findings in order to create a relevant, efficient, and useful experience for the end user. As well as identifying key customer journeys for a project, my role involves tailoring these findings to relevant parties involved in the project, be they the wider design and development team, stakeholders, or clients. 
For a new Barclays Customer Forums project, our first task was to tailor a dedicated message board to help provide information to prospective first time buyers about the mortgage application process, from planning through to final completion. Initial research and insights suggested that access to the forums should cater for people throughout the different stages of the home buying process and that marketing material and calls to action should reflect the different needs of the user depending on what stage they had reached. 

This document showcases a core customer journey for a couple buying their first house outside the context of any Barclays products or services. At various different stages of this couple’s progress, an ideal journey through both existing material within the Barclays ecosystem and through the different sections of the proposed forum were superimposed onto this core journey. In this way, we could identify what services we could provide in terms of help and at what key points during the core journey we could provide it. Using this document, we were able to put together a content plan and begin to scope out the requirements for web, mobile, online banking, call centre and in-store customer service for the project.