User Research / Competitor Analysis / Personas / Content Audits

A successful project invariably starts off with a rigorous research phase.

To understand the competitive landscape in which you are working, to know what existing products or assets you have to work with and to be knowledgeable about the needs and requirements of your potential customers is a key foundation of the UX Design process.

At Barclays, I conducted an extensive content audit of the Business Banking website as part of an in-house effort to clear up the clutter that had accumulated from multiple teams across the years. This work paved the way for a redesign of the website and informed content strategies across the digital department, helping to prioritise new projects such as an Exchange Rate Risk Calculator and an extensive revamp of the Online Help & Support pages, for which I led the UX Design.

As part of a comprehensive redesign of the Cambridge Journals website for online access to academic journals, I wrote and conducted one-on-one and group interviews with a wide sample of potential customers in order to create personas for all their major user groups such as authors, publishers, researchers and academics. This work formed the basis for all our design decisions and directly led to the creation of new features such as the ability to export and share citations to services such as Evernote and CiteULike.

For a partnership with BagThat, a collaborative online auctioning site that Barclays helped design and launch into the UK market, I conducted a thorough review of competing websites and companies to provide direction and focus on the approach to designing BagThat’s
e-commerce systems.