Wireframes / Prototypes / User Testing

I have experience creating a variety of low to high fidelity wireframes to suit projects big or small.

Documentation tends to vary depending on the size, scope and requirements of the project. Tools can vary from pen and paper to Microsoft Visio, Omnigraffle, Sketch or Axure RP. I have also written and conducted a number of user testing sessions, from paper prototypes to fully designed interactive prototypes for desktop, mobile and tablet interfaces. 
For this project, Barclays partnered up with external companies to provide exclusive offers for online banking customers to purchase insurance, book holidays, and change energy providers. In the case of switching energy providers, Barclays partnered up with Energy Helpline to enable the end user to calculate in real time the possible savings that they could make by switching energy provider by leveraging tariff information from Energy Helpline with the user’s spending data on their energy tariff.

Along with challenges regarding data privacy, compliance and security, I quickly identified that user acceptance would be a key issue. As such, I helped to plan, write, and conduct a series of user testing sessions to understand how users perceived the overall proposition and to test their understanding and acceptance of how their data was being used. I created an interactive HTML and JS prototype using Axure RP to replicate a user’s experience of their online banking account with design mock-ups of the offers.